Address: Papanastasiou 70, GR- 41222, Larissa (centre of Larissa)
Tel.: +30 2410-257936, Fax: +30 2413022986, Mob.: +30 6934387517
Δευ έως Σαβ: 0900 - 1900

GREEK LANGUAGE TEAM teachers and staff are being carefully selected according to their academic qualifications, expertise and personality. Our highly experienced personnel not only teach you Modern Greek but also share their passion for Greek Culture with you.

Why Online?

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere at a low cost! Technology has changed the way people learn and access education, particularly language learning. Therefore, we are here to give you an affordable opportunity to learn Greek no matter how far from Greece you are.

Why Greek?

Because you speak Greek, you just don’t know it! Greek is one of the richest languages in the world and is distinguished by an extensive vocabulary. Many of these words have been widely borrowed into other languages including English, French, Spanish, German, either directly or indirectly through other languages, mainly Latin.

Why us?

In order to be the best, learn from the best! When you are about to start learning a new language you need to choose only experienced native speakers to teach you and support your efforts using your mother tongue or a language you are already fluent. GREEK LANGUAGE TEAM teachers speak your language, including English, French, Spanish and German and they are committed to help you learn how to read, write and speak fluent Greek. Try our method and you will definitely enjoy learning Greek!

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